Roll Top Backpacks

These Roll Top Backpacks are really usefull and practical because they allow different capacity options. You can roll the top for a daily use and unroll it and close it with the fastening tape when you need more capacity.

There are two available sizes Large and Small. Both have adjustable straps, inside zippered pocket, a carabiner inside to hang your keys and a zippered rear pocket (that is really usefull to have your mobile phone close by 😉

 Roll Top Backpack (small) ➳ 50€
38x40x10cm rolled / 38x55x10cm unrolled

Large Roll Top backpack has a rear padding pocket for your laptop and they combined faux leather with a waterproof fabric

▷ Roll Top Backpack (large) ➳ 60€
42x50x14cm rolled / 42x60x14cm unrolled